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Waitrose Palo Cortado

One of the great things about Christmas is that it’s the one time of year I can drink sherry without ridicule. I drink sherry year round, I’m used to being mocked, but at Christmas it’s like Mardi Gras – I can drink my sherry with pride. This year I spotted a Palo Cortado, it’s a… Read More »

Asda Manzanilla

Here’s the thing, I like sherry. Particularly Fino, and especially Manzanilla. The idea of coming home for dinner and finding we’ve run out is distressing to me, it’s the kind of thing I have nightmares about. The OH is aware of this and feels similarly, so when he found himself in Asda on a day… Read More »

Sainsbury’s Pale Dry Fino

I enjoy a glass of sherry as you may have worked out by now. Tio Pepe is my standard pre-dinner sherry, but now and again I try something different either because it looks interesting or it’s on sale. This one fell into the latter category. It didn’t taste sub-standard though, it was dry and briny,… Read More »