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Domaine des Costes Merlot 2010

This Domaine des Costes Merlot  from Laithwaites had a strong, fresh purple colour, as evidenced by the mess it made of the label. It was a robust wine, plenty of juicy plummy fruit, but with a touch of spiciness that made it taste more like a southern French wine rather than a Bordeaux. I suspect a… Read More »

Laithwaites Amazon £60 Wine Voucher

It seems you people like wine vouchers at this time of year. Today’s Amazon parcel came with a £60 Laithwaite’s Voucher. Sorry, this offer is now expired.  Try clicking the ones below for the most up to date offers. £40 off Virgin Wines Half Price Naked Wines Case Related articles Viale Mandorlato Zenit Etyeki Budai… Read More »

Willy Willy Shiraz 2009

OK, so in Australia ‘Willy Willy’ may refer to a localised dust storm, but here in England is just means willy, twice. I am not yet sufficiently mature that a wine called Willy Willy does not amuse me. With that out of the way, Willy Willy Shiraz is actually good. It’s a rich purple colour,… Read More »