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ASDA Extra Special Primitivo 2010

I’m not an ASDA shopper by habit.  It’s an odd supermarket and the combination of weird Radio ASDA playing bad covers of Christmas music and exhorting me to buy, the giant primary colour sign-age with rounded pricing and the odd stocking policies tend to result in bizarre panic buys and very little of what’s actually… Read More »

Asda Manzanilla

Here’s the thing, I like sherry. Particularly Fino, and especially Manzanilla. The idea of coming home for dinner and finding we’ve run out is distressing to me, it’s the kind of thing I have nightmares about. The OH is aware of this and feels similarly, so when he found himself in Asda on a day… Read More »

Mas Miralda Cava

We had a mini celebration for a colleague who was “off to follow her bliss”. Her plan may seem bonkers to others but it’s making her happy and not hurting anyone else, so good luck and best wishes were called for all round. The mini celebration was accompanied by mini bottles of Cava. ASDA Cava,… Read More »