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Zut Alors!

Decanter‘s blog carries news of a fabulous wine cabinet knocked up by Viscount Linley to house the wine collection Jacques Chirac put together in Paris. It’s a scale model of the Paris City Hall where the cellar currently resides. £200,000 may seem a little excessive for a wine cabinet, but based on tales of Chirac’s… Read More »

Oddbins update

Oddbins responded to my recent post on my disappointment with them. It’s good to know that retailers are paying attention to what customers think, although it is a little odd as I didn’t mention TCA at all. In fairness to Oddbins, here’s their response below: Dear Sirs I am writing further to your recent blog… Read More »

Oddly Bin-able

A friend popped round last night for a chat so I cracked open a bottle I thought she’d like. I was wrong. No-one could like it. It was badly maderised and slightly vinegary. Faced with a choice between it and Special Brew or White Lightning, I’d probably choose a snakebite blend of those two rocket… Read More »

Mother’s Day – all heart

It’s Mother’s Day in the USA. I’m not sure why. Mother’s day here is in the middle of Lent. I suspect Hallmark may have campaigned to put a card buying opportunity in between Easter and Thanksgiving, rather than in the Valentine’s/St Pat’s/Easter bonanza. As a Mother’s Day promotion the good people at Clos du Bois… Read More »


The wine world really has taken the internet to heart, with wine drinkers able to buy wine on the web and talk about it endlessly on weblogs. This level of e-embracing might seem like a threat to an old style bricks and mortar wine retailer, and you don’t get much older than Berry Bros &… Read More »

Will I Ever Learn?

Wine in airports is rarely good. Airports’ own brand wine has no pretentions of being good. Airport own brand wine named after a Fokker speaks for itself. I think I’ll stick to Champagne or Scotch in airports from now on. Related articles Whistling Duck Chardonnay Viognier Which Beaujolais Is Best? Beyond The Board Game –… Read More »


A couple of quizzes for you today, on two of my favourite subjects – wine and cycling. With the new cycling proficiency training programme coming in to the UK, the BBC have a cycling quiz here. I bombed – really badly. My parents had convinced me as a child that it was illegal to cycle… Read More »

Not such a good film

I watched A Good Year recently.  There aren’t many wine films, so it seemed rude not to. It wasn’t a great film though. The idea was a nice, romantic one, so many people dream of inheriting a vineyard, but the film built around it was weak. The idea of someone bright enough to manipulate world stock… Read More »

Statistical Review

The end of the year seemed a good time to look at the stats for Golly’s Wine Drops. Traffic has grown steadily over my first six months, with most of it coming from the US, with the UK second. I suppose that’s related to population, but sorry if you can’t get the wines I’m getting… Read More »

Wine Diagnosis

A team of Australian doctors have worked out that Google can do their job pretty well. With unusual symptoms in curious groups Google can point to a diagnosis reasonably reliably. Just plug in a list of symptoms and Google will likely return a website or academic paper describing a disease with those symptoms. It’s right… Read More »