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Sartori Regolo 2001

A recent house move meant finding lots of things I’d either lost or forgotten about. One of the nice surprises was finding wine I’d tucked away well under the stairs and wiped from my mind. One such bottle was Sartori Regolo 2001. It had probably been under there longer than was sensible, but I was… Read More »

Sainsbury’s Pale Dry Fino

I enjoy a glass of sherry as you may have worked out by now. Tio Pepe is my standard pre-dinner sherry, but now and again I try something different either because it looks interesting or it’s on sale. This one fell into the latter category. It didn’t taste sub-standard though, it was dry and briny,… Read More »

Dr Okell’s IPA

This week we’ve had the Tour of California to watch, and it’s been fun to see Mark Cavendish starting his season in style following a couple of stage wins in the Tour of Qatar. Sadly I don’t think there are any vineyards on the Isle of Man so we’ve been drinking Dr Okell’s India Pale… Read More »

Pando Fino

Pando Fino sherry was on sale before Christmas so we stocked up a little.  I don’t know of a Fino which isn’t a bargain.  It’s such an under-rated drink that every bottle is a steal, and this was certainly a credit crunch buy. The story goes that it’s called Pando because it was originally shipped… Read More »