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Le Petit Train Syrah 2012

This wine has a cute label, but it did cause a small row about translations.  It’s French and there’s a picture of a little train, but the debate was that the name should be either “The Little Train” or “Le Petit Chemin de Fer”.  It turns out the French would indeed call the little train… Read More »

Franck Massard Herbis Verdejo 2012

I got this Herbis in a mixed case from Naked Wines, and I’ll admit, with the name Herbis I thought it would taste of herbs.  That’s the tricky thing with preconceived ideas. The wine is clear, bright and very pale.  It doesn’t smell of herbs.  It does smell of fruit, tropical juicy fruit.  There’s an… Read More »

OMG 2011

I have to concede that I wouldn’t voluntarily buy a wine that called itself OMG.  It’s been quite a while since I was a 14 year old girl so I tend not to say or type OMG terribly often.  I’m not quite sure that the message is meant to be.  The wine makers are O’Connells… Read More »