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Faustino VII Rioja Blanco 2012

I had a bottle of Faustino VII white Rioja from ASDA.  I’m a convert to white Rioja, I still recall the first time I tried it over a decade ago, I couldn’t quite work out what was going on with my taste buds, but they were clearly having a great time with nutty, bitter almond,… Read More »

Marques de Caceres Antea Rioja Blanco 2008

I really like white Rioja, it’s a white wine that really means business, but it is perhaps under represented on Britain’s wine shelves. I was excited to see a version I hadn’t seen before in Majestic. Marques de Caceres is a reliable supplier of all things Rioja, and this one promised something a little different.… Read More »

CUNE Vina Real

Rioja makes me happy – tinto, blanco or rosado – it’s all good. Well, not all of it is good, and white Rioja is a slightly risky option. Marques de Murrieta is always divine, but a good red doesn’t guarantee a correspondingly good white, so the search is always on for a reasonably priced one… Read More »

Muga Rioja Rosada

You could be thinking that it’s been a bad week for British sport. The footballers are out, the cricketers are appalling, and even the tennis players are history, but there is something to celebrate. You may not have noticed but Nicole Cooke won the women’s Tour de France this weekend. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts,… Read More »