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H. Sichel Sohne Beerenauslese

Airports aren’t normally my favourite wine merchants, but I’ve found myself spending a little too much time in them lately, and they’re boring. Very boring. Shopping eases some of that boredom. I picked up a bottle of H. Sichel Sohne Beerenauslese 2001. I suspect I paid too much for it, but it killed plenty of… Read More »

Bethany Riesling Barossa Valley

We bought a bottle of Bethany to share over dinner with Bethan. Unfortunately Bethan doesn’t drink, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying a bottle of Bethany Riesling 2005 from Barossa Valley, Australia. It was a pale lemon-green with reasonable legs. The smell of limes hit me as soon as it was poured.… Read More »

Inniskillin Riesling Icewine

The paperclip guy has finally traded his way from a single paperclip to a house, and so tonight it’s time for a wine from his home, Canada. Canada may not seem an obvious wine producing nation, even with global warming on its way, but with hot summers and guaranteed cold winters the shores of Lake… Read More »

Dr L Riesling 2005

So Germany take on Portugal in a World Cup game neither wanted to play. I’ve opted for an affordable, everyday German wine. I ‘d thought about having one wine from each team, but decided against it as I’ve just had the sofa cleaned and was concerned that if I held the glass of German wine… Read More »

Deinhard Lila Riesling Brut

Germany has the highest consumption of sparkling wines per head of population in the world, but it’s not easy to find examples of German sparklers outside the country. Deinhard have been making sparkling wines for 100 years and their is their flagship. It’s 100% Riesling from Rhine and Mosel. It comes in a champagne style… Read More »

Blue Matron at the World Cup

With the World Cup kicking off in Germany, it would be rude not to try a German wine. Germany produces some fabulous wines and some just plain dreadful ones. Many people have only tried Blue Nun, and as the company to have produced a more sophisticated big sister to its signature wine, the 2004 Riesling… Read More »