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Langhe Nebbiolo De Forville 2005

It’s cold out so we’ve been eating hearty comfort food, so I’ve been raiding the cupboard for hearty wines that can stand up to them. Last nights’ choice was Langhe Nebbiolo 2005 De Forville. It’s made from the same grape as Barolo, in the same general neighbourhood, give or take a few miles, and comes… Read More »

Radcliffe’s Barolo 2001

We had a Radcliffe’s Barolo 2001 this weekend. It had been hanging around in the wine rack for about a year, waiting for its opportunity to shine. It was dark with a slight tinge of brick around the edge. 2001 isn’t old for an old style Barolo, but this one was made for relatively early… Read More »

Colombardo Barolo

I had dinner at a local Italian restaurant this weekend. It’s one of my favourites, the service is a little erratic, but always friendly, and there’s always a new dish to try. The wine list comes on a laminated A5 card, with ten wine choices, two of which are ‘white wine’ and ‘red wine’. There’s… Read More »

Araldica Revello Barolo 2002

A tough choice but I opted for an Italian wine tonight for the World Cup Final. Last night’s choice worked for Germany so here we go. Barolo ‘King of Wines and Wine of Kings’ is often a little overpriced, particularly in restaurants. I’ve got a Araldica Revello Barolo 2002. I’ve seen this on quite a… Read More »