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Loreto di Vestino 2006

We had a bottle of Loreto di Vestino 2006 whilst playing Dominion. The game was good fun. The wine was forgettable. I’d like to write a tasting note, but it didn’t really taste of much. The most memorable thing about it was the label. I’d happily play Dominion again today, but I’d give this wine… Read More »

‘1489’ Toscana IGT

With autumn well and truly here I made an industrial lasagne at the weekend with plenty of vegetables and wine stewed in. I chose a ‘1489’ Toscana IGT 2006 from Baroncini to go with it. It’s called 1489 because that’s when they claim the family started making wine. It came from the area around San… Read More »

Dogajolo Carpineto Super-Tuscan

A recent game of Odin’s Ravens was accompanied by a bottle of Dogajolo Carpineto 2005, a young ‘Super-Tuscan’ blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Odin’s Ravens has some very pretty artwork on the cards, and Dogajolo Carpineto has an attractive autumnal label. Yes, that is what drew me to it, I am that shallow. It’s… Read More »

Ser Niccoli

Browsing through the wine list of my local Italian restaurant we decided to opt for the only wine on it I’d neither tried before or ever heard of. It was Ser Niccoli 1998. From Tuscany. Er, that was it in terms of description – who wouldn’t choose it? Named for Niccoli Machiavelli with a neat… Read More »