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Haus Osterreich Sekt – Austrian Sparkling Wine

The Germans and the Austrians love sparkling wine, drinking more per head than any other nations on earth. Sparkling wine drinking can get to be an expensive hobby if you stick to Champagne, or even the traditional method producers from around the world. However, Sekt provides a handy way around the problem providing cheap bubbles… Read More »


Travelling along the Danube I had some great German, Austrian, Hungarian and even Slovakian wines, however one of the outstanding beverage memories is of Almdudler. Yes, Almdudler – Austria’s favourite drink. It’s a weird drink, unlike anything else I’ve ever tried, the closest description is watered down apple and elderflower juice with a bouquet garni… Read More »

Wachau Wine Porn

I’m back from the trip down the Danube, I tried some wines, and saw some vineyards along the way. I’ll get around to writing a few up, in the meantime – for the truly nerdy – here‘s a few shots of vines and vineyards in the Wachau. The pictures were taken between Willendorf and Durnstein.

Have a Grüner Veltliner

England played Austria Friday, but no-one really cared. It was a friendly and it looked like it was one of two pointless games England would play this week. That was before Israel did England an almighty favour and beat Russia to put England back in with a completely undeserved shot at qualifying for Euro 2008… Read More »