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Aalborg Loa

We stopped for some lunch in Manchester, we hadn’t made a plan, but opted for KRO Bar for no better reason than we were walking past it when hungry. The food was great, and the prices were perfectly reasonable. They also sold Danish beer. Sadly they didn’t have the pale ale I ordered at first… Read More »

Langton Brewery

Last Sunday Leicester held a local food and drink fair at the market. We stopped by for a mooch about, and found ourselves in quite a crowd. There was plenty going on with farm produce, restaurant offerings, an alarming array of cupcakes, wines and beers. We picked up a few bottles from Langton Brewery. They… Read More »

Berliner Weisse Mit Rot

Summer holidays this year included a trip to Berlin, a fabulous city with a rich and varied history, and a vibrant present. We didn’t get to any local vineyards, but I did try the local speciality beer – Berliner Weisse. It’s a low alcohol (3%) wheat beer, and it’s served with syrup – either red… Read More »

Dr Okell’s IPA

This week we’ve had the Tour of California to watch, and it’s been fun to see Mark Cavendish starting his season in style following a couple of stage wins in the Tour of Qatar. Sadly I don’t think there are any vineyards on the Isle of Man so we’ve been drinking Dr Okell’s India Pale… Read More »

Wine As The Healthy Option

I’ve just come back from a short break in New York, we had a blast, but with the pound swirling down against the dollar faster than, well, a New York minute, we weren’t on a wine buying trip. With two teens in tow who had never eaten in a TGI Friday’s we felt it would… Read More »

Radler – The cyclist’s drink

The German language is tough to get a grip of. The words are long and you have to get through quite a lot of them before you hit a verb, but one word is fabulous – Radler. Radler means cyclist. Where you see the word radler outside hotels and bars you know you’ll get a… Read More »

Summer Sundae

No wine this weekend, I was at the Summer Sundae music festival so beer was the order of the three days. Oakham’s JHB was particularly nice – here’s a man pouring it for me. There were plenty of real ales, ciders and perries to choose from right up until the last day when they were… Read More »

When only a beer will do

I spent the afternoon at Ikea. Despite checking online this morning that my chosen products were in stock, the wardrobe I wanted was sold out when I got there. I’ve just unpacked a chest of drawers, taking them upstairs piece by piece, ready to build, only to find that they have holes drilled in the… Read More »

Peeterman Artois

Another Belgian victory, another chance to admire Tom Boonen, another struggle with wine choices. I’m following the lead of German national broadcasters who have decided to pull coverage of this year’s Tour because one of the German riders might have taken performance enhancing drugs. Seems a bit mean of German sports fans, who like me… Read More »