The town of Sancerre is perched high above the Loire, a fact you get to fully understand when you’ve cycled up the hairpin bends to it in the driving rain. My beer-drinking cycling buddy found it a little odd that I felt the need to stop and take pictures of the vines, soils and fruit,… Read More »

Wine Challenge

I’ve been asked to spend £100 (c. US$200) on wine as a wedding gift. I don’t know the couple and the buyer doesn’t know wine, which doesn’t give me much to go on! I could get two cases of Blossom Hill – one white, one red, but it lacks romance. I could just buy one… Read More »

Vin Valley

I’m back from a two week stint cycling along the Loire. We started out at St Etienne with some Cotes du Rhone, working our way through some run of the mill local wines before reaching the fairy tale castle of Pouilly-sur-Loire, and Pouilly Fume, and cycling upwards into Sancerre. Never let anyone tell you that… Read More »