Majestic Loves Chardonnay

By | May 31, 2017

Since Majestic took over Naked Wines, or Naked Wines took over Majestic, depending on your perspective, the most visible signs have been Majestic taking on the Naked Wines approach to marketing.  The multibuy deals have been added to with “free” wine glasses if you buy a certain number of wines at certain times, and the discount structure is more transparent.

The Definition range from Majestic has been a bit hit and miss, but coming in underneath it is the “Majestic Loves …” range which seeks to provide typical varietals or styles at a very affordable price point.  Rather than take the Tesco Value, Waitrose Essentials or Sainsbury’s Basics approach of generic labels, Majestic has had fun with the range and deployed entirely language independent labels that encourage you to choose your wine by mood or occasion.  Hat tip, or more appropriately, Chapeau! to graphic artist Jean Jullien for creating a coherent set.

Regular readers will know I’m a sucker for a fun label, and you’ll also know not all my adventures in label-land have been successful so how does this wine stand up?

It’s pale lemon in colour, clean and bright.  It smells fresh and fruity, with a lemon zip and a waft of something slightly tropical.  It’s dry, but not tongue strippingly so, and the acid is at a medium level.  It tastes citrusy, with lime fighting the lemon for space.  Whilst I imagined that the lemon person on the bottle was enjoying a drink with an apple minded friend, on tasting he’s clearly a peach, maybe with some apricot in his family tree, but definitely peach nectarine in his approach to life.

There’s a medium level of alcohol, just creeping to the higher end of medium, giving a pleasant mouth-feel, and the taste lasts well, transitioning from lemon and lime into peachy keen.

I was slightly surprised by its origin.  I’m no connoisseur or even fan of South African whites, having feasted on some very bottom end Chenin Blancs back in the days when it was a step up from Mad Dog 20:20 but still in my student price range.  This one from the Robertson area in the south of the country east of Capetown may tempt me to try more upmarket wines from the neighbourhood.

At just £6 a bottle this wine tastes much better than some Chardonnay’s 50% more expensive.  Served cold, it’s a back yard treat.  Expect to be served this Majestic Loves wine at barbecues, weddings, Christenings, and all manner of outdoor parties this summer, it’s a well priced crowd pleaser.