Araldica Gavi

By | January 17, 2017

After all the food, drink and late night excesses of Christmas I’ve been enjoying some quieter evenings with lighter, fresher meals.  That means choosing some clean fresh white wines to go alongside them.  After a period of refusing to admit the holiday was over and insisting that Champagne counted as fresh and light (it’s made of bubbles, how much lighter can you get?!) I chose this Araldica Gavi from Majestic to go with some pasta with chili squid.  The squid was great, it’s such an under rated protein source, but that also means it’s cheap, so I shouldn’t complain that not enough people eat it..

Araldica Gavi ’15 was bright with a pale lemon colour and quite a thin consistency.  It smelled of lemon and honey, but I did have to get my nose right in there for a good sniff, it wasn’t super forthcoming with aromas.

It was dry with a medium acidity and no oak.  It was light bodied and with an alcohol level of 11% that light mouthfeel was to be expected.  It worked well with the acidity which was accented by a lemony flavour which softened into honey.  If I was feeling fancy I’d say honeysuckle, but really it was just a faint whiff of actual honey.

The lemony-ness was particularly leasing, and despite being quite a bit lighter than much of what we’d enjoyed over Christmas it really was a refreshing change.  I doubt it would stand up so well to something more creamy or robust, but with a simple plate of squid and spaghetti it was ideal, and the lower alcohol level meant that an extra glass wasn’t going to be regretted in the morning.

At about £7-8 depending on the current offers available at Majestic I think this is good value and worth having “in stock” for a midweek meal.