Pasqua Passimento 2013

By | November 12, 2015

IMG_2023_edited-1Winter is coming.  In the meantime autumn is taking it’s time and I’m happy with that.  It like leaves falling, misty mornings, butternut squash, plums and apple crumble.  I like the idea of fireworks and bonfires, if not the reality.  I like wearing autumn colours and snuggling up under a blankie with a good book.  I also like the fact that it’s a good time to start drinking redder wines.

This Passimento was from Majestic and had been sitting around waiting for a day when something autumnal was the perfect choice.  The wine is a rich red colour with good, colourful legs.  It smelled fruity, nothing too specific, autumnal fruit and something a bit leathery.  There was also a bit of a balsamic kind of zip of volatile acidity (I know I’m supposed to think that’s a fault, but I do kinda like it).

It was dry with a medium acidity boosted a bit by that balsmic flavour.  The tannins were ripe and smooth.  It had a medium full body, the part dried grapes add a bit of depth to the mouth feel.

It tasted of cooked, stewed fruit, I couldn’t identify individual fruits, it was more of a cherry pie, blackberry crumble mash up with a bit of something that wasn’t quite cinnamon.  That’s a good flavour for me.  There was also something a bit Marmite like, an umami flavour that could just as easily be Bovril, another good taste to me.

At £9 a bottle I thought this was reasonable value from Majestic who now sell single bottles in store which is nice, although I tend to opt for mixed cases delivered to the door.