Marko & Marino Malvazija Istarska 2013

By | October 10, 2015

IMG_2078_edited-1Leicester City are currently in on a fine run of form.  Despite being one of the relative new kids in the English Premier League and having spend a tiny amount of money on their squad, they just keep winning and scoring goals.  This is great fun for Leicester fans but less so for other clubs more used to winning games against “easy” opposition like Leicester.

Unfortunately all that goal scoring comes at a price, they let in lots of goals too.  Their new and charismatic manager, Claudio Ranieri, has offered to buy the team pizza if they keep a clean sheet.  It’s been several weeks now, and whilst he’s upped the offer to include hot dogs as well, no pizza has been earned.

Meanwhile in our house, we’re on a strict no-pizza diet until the team get through a whole game before conceding.  It’s been a while, and I’m really craving pizza.  The last time we had a nil by mouth strategy based on Leicester was this bottle of wine.  Andrej Kramaric (he’s a wizard on the pitch) joined Leicester for a record high fee for the club.  I bought this wine to celebrate, but my joy was tempered by the Leicester fan’s announcement that we should keep it and drink it to celebrate Kramaric’s first winning goal for Leicester, the first one we actually saw.

We waited.  He put in some interesting performances, but no goals.  He scored!  Against Arsenal, but Leicester lost, no wine for me.  Eventually I pointed out that this was a wine intended to be drunk young.  We settled for seeing him score on TV.

With such a big build up, the wine was perhaps destined to be a disappointment, it wasn’t a fine wine selection, just one I’d picked up in M&S because it looked interesting.  It was pale, clear and fresh looking, with perhaps the teeny tiniest hint of petillance.  It smelled apple-y.  It tasted dry, with a mineral hint on the acidity and the apple taste continued, think fresh green apples sliced on a piece of slate.  It was good.  It was reasonably priced.  I’d buy it again, except Leicester’s top goalscorer is currently English, and the best player Algerian (although he’s secretly French, giving me wider wine choices).