Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava

By | October 22, 2015

IMG_0359This Cava arrived in a selection box. It was in the fridge awaiting its opportunity to sparkle (did you see what I did there?).

I had an uncle who loved all forms of sparkling wine, so much so that if someone gave him a bottle of white or pink wine that wasn’t sparkling he’d run it through the Soda-Stream to liven it up.  I’m not a huge fizzy wine fan, perhaps it was too much exposure to Soda-Stream wine early in life.  I like it for occasions when the pop of a cork and the pouring of fizz makes the moment, but I won’t seek out a bottle to drink.  When it’s just the two of us for a celebration I’d rather crack open a nice still wine and leave the CO2 canisters alone.

This one was called into action when a visitor arrived with news of a new job.  It was one she fully expected to get,it had been in the bag for a while, but official confirmation meant bubbles.

These bubbles were medium sized and persistent, the alcohol is medium too.  The wine is dry.  Really dry.  Quite a bit drier than your average supermarket Cava.  Once you’re ready for that it’s good.  If you’re really not ready to deal with dry then you can cocktail it up easily.  I quite enjoyed the dryness as it balanced against the acidity.

There’s no bready biscuitiness, that may be because of the lack of sugar.  There is apple, under ripe scrumped apples, again that’s a good flavour for me.

At £9.50 it’s not a cheap option, particularly at Christmas, when there’s plenty of Sparkling deals on the go, but if you have a penchant for dry wines and most sparkles don’t deliver that for you, this wine from Naked is a good choice.