McManis Nettie Viognier 2013

By | March 3, 2015

Nettie ViognierI’ve had a bit of a Viognier craze recently.  I’ve had worse crazes.  It started with a wine from the Rhone valley and has headed out across the world from there.

This Viognier came from California, well, in a van from Majestic, but it got there from California.

It had a natty little story on the back about someone called “Nettie” who planted a tree.  It wasn’t entirely clear how this related to the wine, but I like trees.  Weirdly there’s no oak in the wine, but I guess that helps to demonstrate that no-one cut down Nettie’s tree to make barrels.

The wine itself was a warm yellow colour, it smelled slightly of apples and a little peachiness.

It tasted just off dry, with a medium acidity that had some minerality.  The flavour of peach carried through and the apple became a little more pear-like.  The alcohol level was at the high end of medium.

This wine was better when it warmed up a little, or un-cooled.  It’s reasonably priced at £7.50 at the moment at Majestic, rather than the regular price of £10.