Striking French Viognier Pays d’Oc 2013

By | November 16, 2014

Striking FrenchWe were a bit low on white wines so I was dispatched to Majestic to pick up a few bottles.  I didn’t have a specific brief, just to grab half a case.  I’m easily distracted when shopping, and came home with a whole case, figuring that out of that lot there’d be half a dozen goodies, a few surprises and a duff one or two.

I picked this Striking French Viognier because I like Viognier, and, let’s face it because the name and the label made me smile “We Want The Viognier”.  The winemaker has lived and worked in business in the UK and US before heading back home to his grandfather’s estate to make wine so he’s fully aware of the international image of French workers, amusing himself by naming wines to make Anglophones chuckle.  There’s more than a hint of Les Miserables about the label art too.

Here’s the thing though.  This wine was really striking.  It was a warm lemon colour, and it smelled great.  Lots of ripe peach and some elderflower type softness as well as a tropical zip.  There was a bit of butteriness as well.

Despite all that fresh sweet-smelling fruit it was bone dry, with a medium acidity.  It was medium bodied with a really intense flavour.  The peaches and flowers stuck around to be joined by apricots and pineapple.  Not just any old pineapple but a really ripe and juicy one.  Added to that was a sweet buttery biscuit taste.  It was like a lovely fruity sorbet, with a tasty cookie on the side.

With a medium level of alcohol and zero cloying this was really easy to drink.

It’s currently on offer at Majestic at £7.50 if you buy two bottles from a range.  That range also includes a Merlot from the same producer on the Striking French label.  I’ll give that a go next time I order.