Fonte Del Re Lacrima di Morro d’Alba 2012

By | November 30, 2014

Lacrimi di MorroWhen I first saw this bottle on the shelves of Marks and Spencer I did a little dance of glee, thinking I’d found Lacrima Christi from Naples in a UK supermarket.  Having taken my glasses off and held the bottle in the tiny range of my focusing distance for reading gold type on a purple background I realised it wasn’t that Lacrima, but no tears from me.  It looked interesting, so into the basket it went along with birthday cards and underwear.

It comes from Marche in Italy, the opposite coast from Naples.  You may know Marche from wines such as Verdicchio, I’m fond of that so it was worth taking a chance on one I hadn’t heard of from the same region.

Lacrima means tears and in this case it’s not the tears of Christ, but the tears of juice that escape from ripe bunches on the vine that the grapes get their name from.

This Fonte Del Re Lacrima di Morro d’Alba is a beautiful purple colour, not unlike the label.   Decant it to get the most of the aroma, or use a little aerating gizmo to get the benefit of aeration without the cost of crystal.

It smells wonderfully fruity, along with a floral scent.  There’s violets and roses, but in a real, fresh garden flowers way rather than the Swizzles Parma Violets and old ladies way that can be a tad off putting.  There’s blackberries and cherries too.

It tastes of blackcurrants and blackberries and cherries as well as a little cinnamon spice, there’s fresh plum juice as well.  It’s dry with a medium malolactic acidity, the tannins are soft and rich.  It has a medium to full body with a medium alcohol level.  The flavour lasts well, from fresh fruit to cooked blackcurrants to squashed flowers and into cinnamon.

At £12 this is a reasonable buy, but right now M&S have a 25% off multibuy deal with free nominated day delivery for spends over £100 as they battle for your Christmas drinking pound, which is worth taking advantage of.

I still always feel the need to check whether I should add any undies to my order when buying anything from M&S.