La Cantera Carinena 2005 Reserva

By | September 14, 2014

La Cantera wineI’d tried this wine a while ago, and whilst it was good, I thought it might be better having had some time to grow up, so I left it alone for a while, and then I forgot about it for a good while longer.  This La Cantera Carinena 2005 Reserva from Laithwaites had therefore had rather longer lounging about with nothing to do than I intended.  I was a bit concerned that it may have got a bit lazy in there.

I opened the bottle about an hour before drinking to let it have a little air, and poured it through my aerating gizmo to give it the best shot at being good.  It looked healthy, with a deep red colour, with little signs of bricking just starting to appear around garnet edges.  It had good strong legs.

It smelled a fruity still, with jammy fruit, topped with a little acidity, almost in an Italian wine style.  There was something blackberry and Morello cherry-ish in the aromas as well as plenty of vanilla which added a bit of sweetness.

So far so good, I was ready to taste it.  The wine was dry, with a medium high level of acidity.  That acidity wasn’t unpleasant though, it was almost balsamic.  The tannins were ripe, with more than a little being added from the oak, making them slightly woody.  The balance between fruit and oak was possibly tipped a little too far into the oak sector, with toasty vanilla overwhelming the cooked berries a little bit, like a crumble that has too much topping and not enough fruit.

The alcohol level was medium and the overall package added up to being a medium bodied wine.  I enjoyed it, and I do think the long dark days nestling quietly under other bottles had done it some good, although I don’t think I’d leave it much longer.

I looked back at pricing, and it came in at £8, although that was the retail rate and the mixed case it came in came with a 20% discount.  At that price I thought it was a reasonable deal.