Mont Pierre Fitou Reserve 21012

By | August 28, 2014

FitouThe weather is turning colder, the nights are drawing in.  It’s still August so I’m hopeful of warmer days ahead before winter really sets in.  It’s not quite time to crack open the full rich reds, but it is time to start thinking red wines.

This Mont Pierre Fitou from Sainsbury’s was sitting in the wine rack, minding its own business until  I felt a strong urge to make toad in the hole and wanted something equally robust and autumnal to go with it.

It’s a purple colour, not terribly intense or thick.  It smelled of indistinct hedgerow fruits.  It tastes dry, with a medium high acid level and tannins a-go-go.  There’s ripe ones, firm ones and some that aren’t quite ready yet.  They don’t quite reach the puckering level, but there’s certainly plenty of them.

There’s some blackberry in there, along with something like raspberry leaves and perhaps a little rosemary.  The tannins are still the dominant characteristic, but they work well with the hint of spiciness that’s in there too.

This wine isn’t fancy, it’s robust.  It’s the sort of wine that would be perfect if you were sitting outside a tent in the South of France wrapped in a blanket, warming you up.  It’s list price is £10, which is silly and ridiculously over priced.  However, it’s priced that way so that Sainsbury’s can offer it at half price or a third off as a “special offer” so pick it up when it’s part of a deal.