Mauricio Lorca Lirico Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

By | February 3, 2014

Lirico wineThis wine looks nice.  It has an elegant, understated label.  That has absolutely nothing to do with how the wine might taste, but credit where it’s due, I really do like the design so “Chapeau!” (or sombrero) to the designer and typesetter – good work.

The wine itself looked good too.  Mauricio Lorca’s Lirico Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep purple colour, not the sort of wine you want to spill on your carpet.  It had thick legs, which clung to the side of the glass with a purple determination.

The Lirico smelled good too.  It had more tertiary flavours than I’d have guessed from the colour, though as it’s two and a half years old I guess it’s had time to develop a little.  It smelled of smoked berries, if that’s a real thing, it probably isn’t but rather like someone was smoking whilst squashing blackcurrants.  I mean that in a positive way.

It’s dry with a medium acidity, some fairly firm tannins and alcohol, lots of alcohol.  The bottle says 14.5% and that felt like a conservative estimate.  I’m sure the higher tax rate that kicks in beyond 15% was not a factor in that labelling at all.

Whilst the fruit and smoke stuck around, and prickled a bit with pepper, what really came through in the flavour was licorice, lots and lots of licorice.  Not your fancy high end gourmet licorice, or worthy licorice root twigs, but sweet “Black Jacks”, previously available at 4 for a penny but now hovering around the 5p mark where available.  That made the wine rather more more-ish than a 14.5%er really should be.

The 2011 vintage is sold out at Naked Wines, so I’ll keep an eye out for more recent vintages.