Aldi Malmec Uco Valley Exquisite Collection

By | February 11, 2014

Aldi MalbecMy adventures as an Aldi shopper continue.  I bought some sensibly priced pistachios and some rather nice fruit yogurts, and quite a lot of wine.  I picked up a few bottles I’d tried and liked before and ventured on to try a few more.  I’m still sticking at the “Exquisite” level as so far that’s shown to be the best policy.

This Aldi Malbec ’11 looked cheerily purple and had strong legs that left a trail of colour.  It also left a little trail of colour on the carpet, but that’s not Aldi’s fault.

It smelled of cooked dark fruits, with a little smoke and something vaguely burned rubber that made me fear I’d accidentally bought a pinotage (oh the humanity).

It was dry with a medium low acidity and some ripe tannins as well as just a touch of firmness.  It was fairly full bodied with a curious intensity, yes there were plums and dark cherries and a flavour that I think would kindly be described as violet, but it was more sort of old lady lavender, quite strange really.  The smokiness continued, but the rubber wasn’t strong.  There was a little spice on the end.

This felt like quite a big wine that was just too tight.  We’d let it sit for a while and even gave it an emergency aeration with my little aerating gizmo, which usually works a treat, but it didn’t quite open it up.

I think I’ll pop the second bottle under the stairs for six months or so.  I don’t keep a wizard in training under there, but a little while spent under the stairs often does wine the power of good.  I’ll report back.