La Folie de Pierre Chardonnay 2012

By | December 8, 2013

La Folie de PierreWe opened a bottle of La Folie de Pierre Chardonnay 2012 from Laithwaites to enjoy after our own friend Peter had been involved in yet another scrape.  If we were to have an extra drink every time Peter was involved in a new folly, we’d be very drunk, but happy.

The wine was pale lemon and smelled a little of fresh ripe fruits, but nothing overwhelming.  I moved on to tasting it, it was dry, with a medium acidity, but none of the minerality I’d convinced myself to expect, what with the pictures of lots of flinty rocks on the label.  I really should stop paying attention to the pictures on the labels.

It tasted fine, well balanced acidity, medium body, medium alcohol and, well, medium tastiness.  It was just a little bit bland, not totally bland, just a bit, like it couldn’t be bothered to be full on bland.

Ordinarily I’d just ignore this, throw it in a risotto or make a pasta sauce with it, but I had rather wanted to like it so tried it colder, then later, warmer after some air had got to it, but nothing much changed.  This wine was never going to be as entertaining as Peter.

There’s a time for bland wines, they have their uses, but they can come in noticeably cheaper than this.  There’s no excuse for dullness.


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