Fairhills Fairtrade Fair & Light Yummy Red

By | December 13, 2013

Fair Light WineAt this time of year people will everywhere ask you to stay and share a Christmas drink, but I’m often driving, so don’t want to get into a drinking habit when I know I’ll want to get behind the wheel.

I’m happy with a sparking water, I’m not a huge fan of cola, so even a still water will do for me.  One person had the idea of offering low alcohol wine as a way around the problem.

I tried a glass of Fairhills Fairtrade Fair & Light Yummy Red on that occasion, it had come from Tesco.  I can see why people would think it was a good idea, you can have a glass of wine and not get light headed.  Better still, once you’ve had just a sip you’ll carry your glass around with you, so no-one will be pressuring you to have an additional drink.

I didn’t care for this wine-let at all, it was sweet, thin and tasted of dissolved sweets, rather like cheap mixed fruit pop.  Don’t write it off as a product, there was a definite age split on what people thought of the wine.  The under-25 team thought it was scrummy, mostly because it tasted of cheap mixed fruit pop – “like you used to get from the pound shop”.

The beer drinker pointed out that the alcohol level at 5.5% was around the same level as Stella Artois, surmising that you could drink wine by the pint and not get drunk.  I’m not quite sure what that would do to your insides, and I’m not about to test it out.

I’d rather drink less wine, or no wine, but there’s certainly a market for what the teen team suggested was “gateway wine”, a way to get kids to like wine.