Christian Patat Salice Salentino DOC 2012

By | December 15, 2013

Salice SalentoI liked the label of this wine, it’s never a good reason to buy but it put me in mind of old cowboy films, the sort of Spaghetti Westerns that my grandfather loved and that I loved watching with him.  So when I spotted an Italian producer turning out these wines I had to buy some to go with spaghetti.

This Christian Patat Salice Salentino  from Naked Wines is purple, none of your claret or burgundy tones, this is full on purple with big purple legs that reassure you that your tongue is going to be purple any moment now.  It smells of ripe plums and blackberries, as well as smoke, not so much cigar box as bonfire.

It’s dry with a medium acidity and some drying tannins, all that colour has to come from something more than juice.  It’s medium full bodied with a serious hit of flavour intensity.  Those plums keep coming, with a little spice and lots of smokiness, there’s almost too much going on.  The alcohol level is medium but nothing else seems to be.

I suspect this wine is still a little young, whilst I enjoyed the flavour-bomb, I’d really like to try it in a year or two when it’s had the chance to settle down, balance out the tannins and develop some tertiary flavours.

I’ll certainly pick up another bottle and hide it from myself for a while.