Red Rattler Hilltops Shiraz

By | October 13, 2013

Red Rattler WineThis Red Rattler Shiraz from Virgin Wines has a neat name and a cute label.  That doesn’t tend to bode well, money invested in labels and branding tends to be money that could otherwise be spent on grapes.

It sells spicy with a little acidity floating about.  It’s dry, with quite a high level of acidity with soft tannins.  It’s medium bodied, with a medium high level of alcohol, which adds a hint of warmth.  The intensity of flavor doesn’t really stand up to the acidity.  There’s some dark fruit and a good splash of black pepper, although it doesn’t linger.

This wine makes a good choice to drink alongside a robust casserole or a spicy sausage dish, rather than one for sipping on its own.