Aldi Exquisite Collection Limoux A.C. 2012

By | October 20, 2013

Aldi Limoux

I’ve been tentatively experimenting with Aldi’s wines.  Their Mâcon-Villages was a great deal for the money, so I tried a Limoux.

It was a rich lemon colour, with legs.  It was dry, with a balanced, medium acidity.  It did have just a little tannin from the oak.  There was lots of oak.  This is a barrel fermented chardonnay, so there’s oaky oakiness throughout.  This is not the wine for you if you drank a lifetime’s supply of oaky chardonnay in the 1980’s, but if you’re ready to dip your toe back in, then this is a good place to dip away.

As well as the sweet vanilla oak, there’s a nuttiness and something approaching licorice.  At 13.5% alcohol it’s at the high end of medium alcohol, but it doesn’t feel over the top, that alcohol sits nicely with the medium full body and the flavour lingers around, moving from the zonk of oak, through a fruity vanilla combo, like melon ice cream to a nutty licorice end.

At £7 a bottle I think this is a good value wine, one I’d maybe expect to pay closer to £10 for.  I’m not a snobby shopper so the fact that it’s Aldi brand doesn’t upset me, in fact, I can claim it came from a European supermarket – fancy huh.  I’l be back for more and will continue my experiments.