Patriot Merlot 2012

By | August 23, 2013

This wine has a silly label.  Not normally a good sign, it looks like it’s designed to appeal to people who don’t much care for wine but want something to serve at a 4th of July barbecue.  That said, they could be on to something, as that wouldn’t be a bad place for this wine to end its days.

It’s a bold purple colour fresh out of the bottle, and it has an interesting smell.  There’s plum, and a little cherry, along with something of the forest floor, a bit of kicked around leaves if tat’s a real smell.  The first taste is arresting.  It’s rather sharp, a little too acidic for the body of the wine to carry, with a mix of firm ripe tannins and some that haven’t quite made the journey to ripe.

Left aside for half an hour to relax, breathe and give itself a good talking to, it’s a much better wine.  Maybe my evening was getting better, but it felt like it had pulled itself together a little.  The acid wasn’t as noticeable and the flavour seemed more robust.  There was fruit, but the curious sharpness seemed to settle into more of a warming spiciness.  Still more chilli than pepper, it all seemed to work together much better.

I’d have this wine from Laithwaite’s again, but next time I’d probably decant it.  Not something I’ll do regularly for an everyday wine choice, but I think the uplift in flavour for this one it’s worth it.