Fremondo Greco Sannio 2012

By | May 19, 2013

It was Eurovision final night last night, so like every right thinking European we printed out our superfan score sheets, stocked up on snacks, turned our taste-o-meters down to zero and settled in for a night of weird and wonderful entertainment.  As the contest took place in Malmo this year, we couldn’t drink host-country wine, so we celebrated Vincenzo Nibali’s excellent form in the Giro with an Italian wine instead.

Greco comes from the area around the bay of Naples, where it is hot, but the people are cool.  Italy’s Eurovision entry appeared to be cheating – they’d entered a sharp dressed handsome man singing a well written pop song – no wacky dancers, curious instruments or wardrobe malfunctions.  What is the Eurovision world coming to?

The wine itself was good.  A pale colour, smelling of sweet fruit blossoms.  It was crisply dry, with a much fuller body than I’d anticipated.  The sweet blossom had a honey tinge which sat nicely with the squishy ripe peach flavour of the wine, which lasted well.

This is a new addition to the Majestic range, and the first batch seems to have sold out, perhaps because they were offering 20% off if you buy two bottles as part of a mixed case.  I did, and I’d do it again.