Carmen Steven’s Angels’ Reserve Chenin Blanc 2012

By | March 14, 2013

Chenin Blanc isn’t my favourite grape and South African Chenin Blanc would not make it on to anyone’s Desert Island Wines list (everyone has one of those right?).

This bottle came in a mixed case and we had it on a night when we were making seafood risotto.  That way a large glass goes into the dinner so if the wine isn’t super it doesn’t feel like a waste.  This wine wasn’t super, but it was a lot better than I’d anticipated.

It had something of a peaches and cream flavour too it, not strong, perhaps more peach blossom and evaporated milk, but enough to mark it out as a wine with a smidge of character.

I’d expect to pay £5-6, but it’s priced £7-9 from Naked Wines so with a whole world of wine to choose from I’d try something new, because I like to keep trying new wines, but if you’re looking for something that’s quite nice and unlikely to be hated by anyone this is as good a choice as any.