The Cure Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2011

By | November 19, 2012

I used to like The Cure a lot, not least because Robert Smith seemed to be about as good at applying make up as I was, so I could claim I was cool, rather than inept.  That’s not a good reason to choose a wine, and the only link I can think of is that this is so deep and purple that it can leave you with a Joker-type smile, which could, in the right light, after enough glasses lead you to think back to Robert Smith’s smile.

It’s a cheery enough blend, and it packs quite an alcohol punch.  I do find that I tend to steer away from Australian reds because the hover around the 15% mark, which can be overwhelming.  In this case the alcohol does fit within the wine as there is quite a bit of body, along with cooked jammy fruit.

I enjoyed it, but I’d perhaps put it in the summer time barbecue bracket rather than comforting warmth by the fire.  Priced at £9-£10, I’d probably give it a miss, I’d pop it in the £6-7 staple category.  There’s better European wine available for £9, but if you can get a good price when on offer, then go ahead.