Conde de Monterroso Tempranillo 2010

By | May 9, 2012

It’s Europa Cup night, with an all Spanish final, so here’s an all Spanish wine.

I like Tempranillo, I have quite a clear mental smell-age (like an image, only smelly) of what it should be like.  The fresh, oak-free fruit of this Conde de Monterroso Tempranillo took me a little by surprise.  I slowed down and took a look.

It was lighter than I’d have guessed, but the surprises didn’t end there.  It was sweet.  Yes sweet.  Well, maybe off-dry if I’m being picky, but certainly sweeter than I would have anticipated.  It was a cheery fruit bomb.  The Merlot that made it into the mix added extra fruit, and whilst I might have expected the Shiraz to add spiciness, I didn’t taste it.

It took a while for my brain to catch up with my senses and settle down into enjoying the wine, and enjoy it I did.  That’s not something I thought I would say about sweeter than average red wine.  I have another bottle from a Laithwaites mix.  I think I’ll save it until it warms up outside and I’ll serve it cool.  I think that would really work well.