On Pink Fizz

By | February 19, 2012

It was Valentine’s Day this week. It seems that over the years it has gradually become a bigger deal in the UK. We don’t really do US style ‘holidays’ in the UK, so we haven’t yet reached the stage of everybody buying everybody else a Valentine gift, or decorating offices in pink and red, but it’s certainly a more commercial event. As both me and my ‘Valentine’ would rather clean a toilet with our own toothbrushes than dine out on Valentine’s Day amongst a sea of couples comparing their relationships with the people on the next table whilst paying through the nose for a set menu, we opted to eat at home.

Dinner was wonderful – seared tuna with a coriander (cilantro) pesto. However, we did fall for a cheesy Valentine bottle of pink fizz. I quite like fizz, and I do like a lot of pink wines, but I’ve never found a good pink fizz combo. This was no exception, best described as a Champagne that someone had dissolved a handful of wine gums into.
Never mind, we had a good evening, and next year we’ll remember not to get suckered into the commercial hype. Now, where’s that green food colouring for my beer?