Swiss Army Wine

By | June 12, 2011

So it’s the Tour Of Switzerland this week, what better time to drink Swiss wine? Oh yes, last weekend, when England played Switzerland at Wembley.
I’ve had a bootle of what I can only describe as ‘Swiss Army Wine’ sitting in the rack for almost three years. I bought it during a stopover at Zurich airport. I was tired, bored and a bit hyper. It went into my basket with a Toblerone, a snow globe and some cow bells. I wonder how much stuff is bought by bored people at airports, and how much of it ever gets used?
I hadn’t had much excitement for trying this wine, which explains its long rest in the rack. It was wrapped in a Swiss Army type bottle, and I only use my Swiss Army knife for emergencies, or sorting out problems, I thought the wine would fall into that category.
Given that build up the wine was actually pretty good. It was a pale, almost rose colour, somewhere between a rose from Rioja and a Pinot Noir. It smelled of wine gums, and to my mild amusement it tasted of wine gums too. It was bordering on swett and tasted of artificial fruit flavourings. If you were going to make a wine to appeal to ten year olds this would be it.
Next time I’m in a Swiss airport, I’ll probably just stick to the Toblerone, but this was an interesting adventure.

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