Waitrose Palo Cortado

By | January 9, 2011

One of the great things about Christmas is that it’s the one time of year I can drink sherry without ridicule. I drink sherry year round, I’m used to being mocked, but at Christmas it’s like Mardi Gras – I can drink my sherry with pride.
This year I spotted a Palo Cortado, it’s a great sherry. Somewhere between the dry, crisp seaside-y heaven of a Manzanilla and the rich Christmas cake-y delight of an Amontillado, but nothing at all like a Harvey’s Bristol Cream, it just warms the festive soul.
It’s not a sherry that seems to be on the shelves all year round, and I’m not sure I’d want it to be, it’s great to keep as a Christmas treat, it’s no more expensive than a good Fino, meaning it’s spectacular value.
Add a bottle to next years Christmas wish list, grab a good book and settle down in front of the fire with a nice cold glass.

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