Asda Manzanilla

By | October 15, 2010

Here’s the thing, I like sherry. Particularly Fino, and especially Manzanilla. The idea of coming home for dinner and finding we’ve run out is distressing to me, it’s the kind of thing I have nightmares about. The OH is aware of this and feels similarly, so when he found himself in Asda on a day when there was no sherry in the house and no Tio Pepe on Adsa’s shelves he panicked a bit.
Should he buy Asda brand sherry, or should he make a trip to another store, abandoning a child to wait, teary-eyed, outside school, alone in the rain? He took the brave decision of buying own brand sherry.
I wasn’t convinced. My day hadn’t been great and to top it off, there was only Asda sherry available. I was brave and didn’t cry. It tried a sip. It wasn’t bad. I had had a two hour meeting from hell with a self important fool who spoke only in management cliches and was unable to make any sort of decisions, so I suspected I was making allowances, but another sip confirmed that it was really rather good. Not the finest sherry on the market, but at a fiver, remarkably good. We’ve bought it since and it wasn’t a fluke. Who knew?