Camplazens Syrah 2008

By | August 29, 2010

This Camplazens Syrah┬ácame in a mixed case from Naked Wines, and I admit, I chose to drink it because I liked the label, the cheery coach and horses made me smile. I wasn’t required to pick anything specific to go with a meal so Cadbury purple with a nice picture of horses did the trick.
It was a little paler than I expected, and it smelled a little different than I thought it would too. Under the fat purple fruit was a little Parmoviolet. They were never a favourite sweet, I’d trade them for refreshers in a heartbeat, but the smell worked well with the fruit.
The wine was perhaps a little fruitier and less spicy than I would have expected based on my careful research of picking a pretty label for a southern Syrah. I suspect there’s more than a dash of grenache, mourvedre and random grapes in here rather than being a pure Syrah. At about a fiver it’s great value.