Long Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2008

By | June 13, 2010

Australia take on Germany tonight in the World Cup. It’s not a fair match up. I’m looking forward to it, because I’m looking forward to all the games, I always do.
Australia does produce more football friendly wine than Germany. They know how to turn out affordable, drinkable wine, whereas Germany tends to export either sublime, yet expensive masterpieces or really rather insipid plonk with little in between.
Long Flat’s Australian Semillon Sauvignon Blanc  is one of those in between wines. It’s good, it’s apple-y, it’s more-ish. It has Goldilocks characteristics – not to acidic, not too flabby, not sweet, but not too dry, no overwhelming flavours.
It’s nice, but not great, kinda forgettable, in kinda a good way. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve it at a football party or barbecue, and it’s priced reasonably. Australia tends to be batter at that type of wine. Germany tends to be better at football.

3 thoughts on “Long Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2008

  1. Hampers

    Thanks for the research and review on this. I’ve seen it in the store and can feel better about buying it!

  2. Micah | Coffee Machines

    Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.

  3. Vishal-Coffee Machine

    Its nice. I will surely like to serve it my party too.

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