Domaine Petit Saint Aunes Chardonnay 2009

By | June 29, 2010

We’ve had some beautiful weather in England lately. I’m hoping it bodes well for some beautiful English wines. In the meantime I’ve settled for elsewhere in Europe.
We tried a Domaine Petit Saint Aunes Chardonnay from Aldeby Wines. It was an unusual colour with just a teeny weeny pinkiness which looked inviting. It smelled good, of apples and something more like clotted cream than standard creaminess. There was fresh cantaloup melon too.
It was somewhere between dry of ever so slightly off dry – boosted in that sweetness by the sweet fruity flavours. For me one of the strong flavour evocations was Washington Red apples. I know that’s a very specific apple choice, but sometimes flavours and smells have those strong associations.
It got a little better when it was a little cooler, the sweet fruit gave way to a more flavoursome summer fruit combo, I really enjoyed it.
This isn’t a mass market choice. It’s from a new domaine where the owners are trying new things for the area. Based on this one I’d try more. At £7.50 it’s supermarket priced, but has far more to offer.

One thought on “Domaine Petit Saint Aunes Chardonnay 2009

  1. Ian at Aldeby Wines

    Thanks for the good review. This is a lovely domain only launched in 2007, they work biodynamically; the care they take and low yields really show in the wines

    They make just two wines, this rather moorish unoaked Chardy, and a red.

    In 2008 the first vintage of the red was equal parts of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, but last year they switched to a pure Cabernet. I like both styles, the blend is a real mouthful of southern French power and fruit, with a great attack, whereas the pure Cab is a real concentrated blast of cassis and spice with more forest fruits behind. I’m not sure I know which I prefer, fortunately I will get another chance to compare them as a consignment of the Cab will arrive later in July.

    Thanks again for the review

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