Plunkett Blackwood Unwooded Chardonnay 2008

By | January 9, 2010

Risotto night is white wine night and as risotto is quick and warming we’ve been enjoying quite a bit in the cold weather. Plunkett Unwooded Chardonnay was one of those choices.
It’s pale and looks rather weedy, but it smells distinctly fruity with just a hint of herb. It’s dry and they didn’t lie about the lack of oak. It has a medium acidity and despite the dryness the fruit adds a sweet zing. It has typical melon but with some pineapple juiciness and just enough citrussy zip.
It has a medium high alcohol level, but edging more towards medium for a New World offer. At £10 this is a bit over priced, but with assorted offers and deals it usually works out at about £7 from Naked Wines, and it that level it’s great value.

One thought on “Plunkett Blackwood Unwooded Chardonnay 2008

  1. Ghost Pines Wine Steward

    Despite its popularity I still find Chardonnay surprising (and I work for Ghost Pines, which produces Chardonnay). Good Chardonnays blend sharper, citrus flavors with a more creamy finish, which makes for a really interesting white. I’ve also found that Chardonnay is a great varietal to use as an intro for new wine enthusiasts, especially those who tend to favor red over white. It makes a great everyday wine, too.

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