The Stanley Vineyard Shiraz 2008

By | December 29, 2009

It’s been mighty cold out, with freezing temperatures and burst pipes adding to the festive fun. At times like these only big fat red wines will do. Australians tend to go bold on red and Shiraz tends to have a warming hint of festive spice so we tried a Stanley Vineyard Padthaway¬†Shiraz from Laithwaite’s.
It was a deep thick purple, as you can probably see from the label spillage. It had thick colourful legs and smelled of crushed blackberries with licorice and alcohol.
It had an intense flavour with a warming wallop of alcohol. The combination of intense fruit and alcohol gave it a full body, one that slams into you and knocks you over.
It was all just a bit too much. If there’s another one in the kitchen I’ll probably put it in the cellar for a year or two to grow up. I don’t expect it to turn into a fine and delicate wine, but it should calm down and feel a little more integrated after a little cooling off time.

One thought on “The Stanley Vineyard Shiraz 2008

  1. Chris Townend

    Nice post. Finding the right occasion for such big wines is half the battle.

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