Berry Bros & Rudd Good Ordinary Claret

By | October 20, 2009

Good Ordinary Claret is a fabulous name for a wine, there’s no ‘Old Fat Bastard’ or ‘Penguin Pride’ type marketing ploy here, it has a no-nonsense air about it.
You want a Claret? A good ordinary one? Here you go!  I feel like it’s the wine Carson from Downton Abbey would choose.
It’s a medium garnet colour with good legs. It smells of blackcurrants and plums with a little woody veg. The tannins are ripe and there’s a medium full body, with a smooth velvety texture. The blackcurrant flavour is rich, and there’s smooth plumminess. There’s a neat depth of leathery wood too. The alcohol level is medium, which compares well with New World alternatives. The flavour lingers and yet is more-ish.
Berry Bros & Rudd are masters of understatement. Their Good Ordinary Claret is very good, and at under £8 a bottle, it’s much better value than most Clarets and many of the Bordeaux blends from the New World.