La Vendimia Rioja 2006

By | July 21, 2009

So Contador is in yellow and all is well. I can drink Spanish wine and call it necessary for blogging purposes. I’m so excited about how Bradley Wiggins is doing that I may have to stock up on English wine anyway just to be supportive.
We had a La Vendimia Rioja which I’d picked up from Berry Bros Outlet store. The salesman nodded appreciatively as he rang it up and told me he’d bought a few for himself. The great thing about BBR sales people is they are all very nice, all absolute wine lovers and all completely incapable of lying to make a sale. I asked about a Californian Albarino I was buying and he smiled, said, ‘yes, it’s interesting’, and moved the conversation on. He was right, it was interesting if you are interested in overpriced, under flavoured, characterless tosh.
Back to the Rioja. It was a dream. It came in layers with spicy oak and caramel and blackberries and strawberries and brambles and hedgerow. I felt like Violet Beauregarde chewing my way through flavour after flavour but I didn’t swell up like a blackberry.
This was a good value wine at £8 retail, an absolute steal at £5.50 Outlet.

7 thoughts on “La Vendimia Rioja 2006

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  2. Barbara

    Ahh this brings back wonderful memories of walking through the region.

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