Eurovision Sparkle

By | May 20, 2009

It was the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. For those of you outside Europe (or the Fererro Rocher serving neighbouring countries that join in) you missed a treat. It was a fabulous evening of craziness, wild frocks, LCD screens and cheesiness.

We thought it the perfect time to crack open a bottle of Sekt Mild we’d been given. It came with a golden label just for the occasion. It was pale lemon in colour with a fairly aggressive fizz. It didn’t smell of much and the bubbles didn’t calm down much in the mouth.

It tasted sweet with some citrus acidity which seemed to sit on a different table to the sugar. The taste was of bubble gum and toffee apples, not fresh ones, but ones which were accidently left to boil too long and go black. It really wasn’t very good.

However, the wine curious teens gathering to score the Eurovision contenders on song, outfit, dancing, performance and ‘novelty’ loved the wine. They declared it to be lovely, ‘like fizzy marshmallows’ and ‘the best Champagne (sic) I’ve ever tasted’. It’s a worry but it seemed perfectly positioned to take the teen market by storm.