Lost Sheep Chardonnay 2008

By | February 26, 2009

Strolling through the food department of Marks and Spencer I spotted Lost Sheep Chardonnay. Ordinarily a Chardonnay from South Eastern Australia wouldn’t have me dashing to the checkout but again I was suckered into the purchase by the name.
I love playing Agricola and usually do pretty well with my mixed farming, big family strategy, whereas my regular two player opponent tends to play for buildings and will occasionally let sheep run free just to foil my plans. Mean. So Lost Sheep seemed like the ideal wine to drink during a game.
My whim purchases of wine based on cute labels or amusing names don’t normally turn out well, but this one was more of a success. It was a cheery Australian Chardonnay, not swimming in oak, not overly alcoholic, but chubby with tropical fruit, candied fruit and just a little cream.
For around £5.50 a bottle it’s a good value midweek choice and I’d drink it again, whilst playing any sheep related game.