Gallo Turning Leaf Chardonnay 2006

By | February 8, 2009

Gallo Turning Leaf is a popular brand, which gets sold hard. I once got a free transatlantic flight for buying a half case of their Pinot Noir. ┬áThe scheme was complicated and tended to exclude anyone travelling with a family or with fixed dates, but all the same just the cost of administering the scheme and explaining to people why they didn’t qualify can’t have left a lot of money to spend on producing the wine itself.
Gallo Chardonnay is everything you would expect of an economy Californian Chardonnay. It was sunshine coloured, it smelled a bit of oak, a bit of apples and a bit of something slightly confected. It tasted slightly off dry, with toasted oak chips and focus group approved fruit. It was a perfectly good wine, no rough edges or jarring elements.
Gallo makes popular wines, it understands that there’s too much choice on supermarket shelves and that most shoppers want a nice, affordable wine to have with dinner, they want to be able to pronounce the name, and remember it for future purchases.