Pando Fino

By | January 18, 2009

Pando Fino sherry was on sale before Christmas so we stocked up a little.  I don’t know of a Fino which isn’t a bargain.  It’s such an under-rated drink that every bottle is a steal, and this was certainly a credit crunch buy.
The story goes that it’s called Pando because it was originally shipped by P&O shipping line so has PandO stamped on every crate.  It’s a nice tale but I can’t vouch for it.
It spends eight years working its way through the Solera system, so the youngest drop of wine in your glass will be eight years old, the oldest drop will be much, much older, that’s the beauty of sherry – it’s in it for the long run, and consistency over years tends to be high.
This one was a warm peachy yellow, with a slight salty tang and light oiliness. It’s good. It’s not my comfort choice of Tio Pepe, but it is great value, and at a 40% discount over Tio Pepe it is a choice for the wine recessionista.